Walgreens and ECRM: Partners in Supplier Diversity  9/1/2016

Walgreens commitment to diversity and inclusion has spanned generations, and influences everything the retailer does, including determining new store locations, product introductions, and how goods and materials are distributed across the chain.

Among the shelves of its stores are many products that are manufactured by diverse, small-business suppliers. “Working with an inclusive list of suppliers allows us to offer differentiated products while earning the loyalty of diverse customers and communities – particularly when the products and services they demand are exclusively available at Walgreens,” the company states in its Diversity & Inclusion Report.

Walgreens’ Supplier Diversity Program formalizes its strong commitment to doing more business with product and service vendors owned by minorities, women, LBGT individuals, disabled individuals, and veterans.

One way in which Walgreens connects with these diverse suppliers is through ECRM’s EPPS meetings, where they have the opportunity to meet with Walgreens buyers and category managers across dozens of categories.

In the videos below, Walgreens Director of Supplier Diversity Rona Fourté discusses the retailers program, and how they partner with ECRM to help these suppliers get on the shelf.

Click here for more information about Walgreens Supplier Diversity Programs.

Click here to download Walgreens’ Diversity & Inclusion Report

Contact Rona Fourté, Walgreens Director of Supplier Diversity at (847) 315-8068

To find out the ECRM EPPS meetings in which Walgreens participates, contact Laura Fontana, ECRM VP of Retail, at lfontana@ecrm.marketgate.com or call (440) 542-3031

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Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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