On-Demand Webcast: Building your Business with Jet.com  6/2/2016

More than 450 live attendees joined us this week for the ECRM webcast, "Building your Business with Jet.com," during which Will Buckland, Associate Director of Merchandising for Jet.com, discussed how suppliers can most effectively conduct business discussions to help build a better partnership with Jet.com and its customers.

Jet.com’s innovative discounting structure rewards shoppers as they add more items to their basket, as multiple item orders -- particularly when the products can be shipped from warehouses close to the customer’s delivery address -- are more efficient and less expensive to process, enabling Jet.com to pass those savings to the customer.

The retailer offers millions of products across all categories, from grocery items, to general merchandise, to health and beauty care. While it has its own warehouses to store items, Jet.com also partners with other suppliers and retailers to ship items from their warehouses.

Buckland outlined protocols and procedures to follow in dealing with the retailer’s buyers in an effort to drive productivity for all parties involved. Among the topics he discussed:

  • Overview and background of Jet.com
  • How Jet.com works
  • Product listings
  • Pricing
  • Fulfilment
  • How to partner with Jet.com as a supplier and/or third-party seller
The webcast also included a brief presentation from Traci Gregorski, SVP of Marketing of webcast sponsor Market Track, on consumer trends that are driving conversion from brick and mortar to online shopping.

Click here to view the on-demand webcast.

Click here to download the Jet.com presentation slides

Click here to download the Market Track presentation slides

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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