Video Playlist: ECRM Home Health Care TIP Discussions  3/2/2016

ECRM last month held its second round of Thought Interaction Pod (TIP) roundtable discussions, this time at its Home Health care EPPS event, in an effort to provide attendees with the opportunity to learn from one of the strongest educational resources in the industry – each other. 

The TIP program consists of several roundtables – each representing a specific key industry issue or challenge and moderated by an attendee – at which event participants share their thoughts and experiences on the topic.

“The TIP program is an educational platform we developed to promote collaborative, interactive thought,” said Scott Porter, ECRM Director of Channel Development/Pharmacy & Medical Markets. “It allows industry professionals to sit and discuss a specific, pre-defined topic in a small group setting.”

More than 50 attendees participated in the Home Health Care TIP program, which spanned five tables and topics that ranged from Effective Team Building to Optimizing Vendor-Retailer Relationships. The program consists of two 30-minute sessions; after each session, table participants chose another table to engage their peers on a second topic. Following the TIP session, each table leader summarized the key learnings from their table on video in an effort to share these findings with a broader audience.

Below is a playlist with videos that include an overview of the TIP program and discussion summaries from each of the table moderators. Included in the playlist are recaps on the following topics:
  • How to Better Connect with Prescribers and Medical Providers, moderated by John Hickman, Business Development Manager -- Brands/At-Home Diagnostics, H-E-B.
  • How to Build and Maintain a Staff that is Educated, Effective and Inspired, moderated by Sue Chen, CEO of NOVA Medical Products
  • Unique Device Identifiers and their Impact on Home Health Care, moderated by Cathy Fox, Reimbursement Strategist, Drug and Device Register, LLC
  • Leveraging Vendor-Retailer Relationships to Optimize the Customer Experience, moderatied by Mike Wolf, Senior Director/DMM of Advanced Care, Walgreens
  • DME and Retail, moderated by Sandra Pisarski, Manager of Retail Operations, Hart Medical Equipment Co.
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(To see the full playlist, click the icon in the upper-left corner of the video screen)

(To see the full playlist, click the icon in the upper-left corner of the video screen)

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VP Content

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