Video Playlist: Specialty Pharmacy EPPS Event  1/28/2016

ECRM's Specialty Pharmacy - Pharma/Biotech/Biosimilars & Specialty Services/Technology EPPS Event was packed with information and activities, and we captured many of them in 20 videos recorded during the event this past week in Birmingham, Ala.

These videos include provider and vendor profiles, attendee testimonials, and coverage from the event's Thought Interaction Pod (TIP) program, in which seven roundtables were set up, each representing a key industry issue or challenge, and attendees selected the table representing a topic important to their business. After 30 minutes, they switched to another table to engage in a roundtable discussion on another key topic.

The tables were moderated by industry leaders, each of whom summarized the learnngs from their table on video so we can share them with a broader audience. The tables, topics and moderators were:

Table 1: How to get the most out of your Specialty Pharmacy with proper pricing and strategizing
Host: Kirsten Olivieri, Director of New Product Development, BioRx, LLC

Table 2: Drivers of Patient Satisfaction with their SP
Host: Thomas Cohn, Chief Strategy Officer, Armada Health Care LLC

Table 3: Limited Distribution Model Strategies
Host: Dan Steiber, Editor–in-chief, Specialty Pharmacy Times

Table 4: Independent Specialty Pharmacy Panels: Background, When to Leverage, How to Maximize
Host: Cheryl Allen, Vice President, Business Development and Industry Relations, Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy

Table 5: Using data collected from personal devices to improve patient adherence: what are the challenges/benefits?
Host: John Giannouris, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, ValueCentric, LLC

Table 6: Documenting, Measuring and Demonstrating Adherence: What are the best practices?
Host: Julie Zatizabal, Vice President, Trade Relations, Amber Pharmacy

Table 7: Specialty Pharmacies and Medicare Part D: Legal Issues, CMS Guidance, Preferred Cost Sharing Networks, and Copayment Collection Considerations
Host: Jonathan Levitt, Partner, Frier Levitt

Contact Michael Castillo, SVP of Pharmacy, for more information: 440-528-0441

(To see the full playlist from the event, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the video player)

(To see the full playlist from the event, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the video player)

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