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Revolutionary? We think so. ECRM Programs are built from a collection of related ECRM Sessions which are designed to facilitate B2B commerce.

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What are ECRM Sessions?

ECRM Sessions connect the right buyers with the right sellers within a series of hand-curated, one-on-one meetings or interactions. Sellers are strategically paired with buyers based on aligned categories and capabilities.

Why Participate
How our team helps

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, ECRM Sessions are effective and efficient. We take care to screen each participant, identifying potential synergies.

Our team then prepares each participant for each meeting, ensuring individual interactions are set for success from the start.

ECRM Sessions help drive success year-round. Whether virtual or in-person, our curated schedules replace the random run-ins you hope for at that next trade show.

Over 80 Global Sessions with verticals spanning Foodservice to Pharmaceuticals.

What to Expect


Suppliers build their brand profile on RangeMe.


Buyers learn about each suppliers’ capabilities and brand.


Suppliers learn about what each buyer is looking for to better tailor their sales pitch.


Meetings are strategically pre-scheduled between buyers and sellers with aligned capabilities and categories.


A series of one-on-one meetings take place over the course of a few days. Depending on the session, the meetings can take place virtually on the ECRM Connect meeting platform or in-person.

ECRM Programs

Follow up technology and support allow buyers and sellers to keep the conversation going and get to shelf faster.

State of the Art Virtual Meeting Technology

Our proprietary virtual meeting platform brings conversations to life with a live video experience that features several productivity tools.

  • Access company details to hold tailored and productive conversations

  • Product information at your fingertips

  • Keep track of discussion details and prioritize follow up actions

  • Video and document sharing make interactions feel like you are in-person

  • ECRM Experts are standing by at all times to make sure your experience runs smoothly

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