ECRM is a trade support institution with over 24 years of experience

Connecting Suppliers with US + International Retail Buyers

It is our mission to help TPOs and their manufacturing partners develop relevant connections with exporters, distributors, service companies and buyers to promote and facilitate foreign trade.


   Ask us if you don’t see the retailer you’re going after!  

Our Process

International suppliers effectively connect with buying decision makers through our preparation services, in person meetings and follow up support. The in-person meetings take place during category specific Efficient Program Planning Sessions (EPPS). Before, during and after an EPPS, you will:

Learn about US retail best practices, buyer goals and required deliverables.

Attend an EPPS and within 2-3 days meet with several relevant category buyers.

Follow up with ECRM’s patented software helps simplify and accelerate the follow-up process.

Imagine meeting with buyers just as they are preparing to make decisions for their category. Timing is everything and ECRM introduces buyers to suppliers right when decisions are being made.

“ECRM's sessions are turnkey solutions with an incredible format. The meetings are pre-scheduled, and the buyers are committed to show up. The quality of the meetings with the buyers, importers and distributors is the main reason for our participation.”

Fernando Spohr, Operations Manager for Apex-Brasil North America

Best Practices

We often spend time selling our products to buyers by listing off features and describing how unique the product is without first understanding the retailer and what specifically the buyer is trying to accomplish. It is only when we align product information with buyer goals that we can gain interest.

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ECRM + RangeMe = Success

In addition to the support services and private meetings, each supplier registered for an EPPS gains access to a free RangeMe profile where buyers registered for the EPPS and thousands more can search for products 24/7/365.

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Success Story

Apex-Brasil, a Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, helps Brazilian suppliers discover and do business with markets in other countries. One of the ways in which the organization accomplishes this is by coordinating and supporting the participation of its member companies in ECRM EPPS meetings, where Brazilian suppliers have the opportunity to meet with retailers and distributors from the United States as well as around the world.

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Our best-in-class customer service team helps manage all details for a successful supplier experience before, during, and after an ECRM session.
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