Travel Policy

Since 1994, ECRM has developed services and tools that resolve unique challenges that many buyers and sellers face including time management, new product sourcing, category reviews, and procurement efficiencies.

In the traditional sales environment, suppliers must travel to each retail buyer’s office to conduct sales calls. With multiple customers to meet with, this arrangement requires a significant amount of time and money. ECRM’s buying services, inclusive of sourcing, product review, workflow, and face-to-face management, drastically reduce the number of such office visits needed with a series of one-on-one strategic meetings between pre-qualified suppliers and the appropriate category buyers from a variety of retail and business channels. Additional services and technologies are incorporated into ECRM’s service offering to maximize time, grow incremental sales and uncover industry trends. ECRM’s services support today’s buying professionals with process and execution assistance to alleviate tasks and bottlenecks that drain time and money.

ECRM’s cost structure requires a registration fee from suppliers which includes meeting facility access, lodging accommodations and meals. Suppliers are responsible for covering the costs of travel expenses outside of the registration fee. Retail buyers participate at no cost and all travel and lodging expenses are taken care of by ECRM. Account management services, meeting preparation/follow up, sourcing management, retail planning, educational programs, networking opportunities and technology solutions are all included at no cost for all clients.

This format follows the same structure as the traditional office visit as the onus is on the supplier to cover the costs of travel and related expenses. However, through ECRM’s services suppliers save tremendously as they can execute multiple customer meetings over a brief period and at one location.

Through the ECRM service model there is not an obligation for the retail buyer to purchase from the supplier, meet with a specific supplier or meet with a required number of suppliers. ECRM fully expects the retail buyer to act impartially on behalf of and in the best interests of their organization. ECRM does not have a vested interest in any supplier organization and therefore acts impartially by bringing the industry together to streamline today’s sales environment.