Efficient Supplier Introductions (ESI)

Introducing the evolution of product discovery with ESIs. Hand selected brands take the stage for a quick hitting virtual presentation to buyers from several organizations. Suppliers can showcase the best and brightest products while buyers gain exposure to new brands and items.

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How it Works

Brand Exposure – Create Your RangeMe Profile

Build your RangeMe brand profile like a digital sell sheet that highlights key product, brand, and company details all in a single place. These details are viewed by buyers prior to the ESI meeting to help them better understand your offering and to prepare for your meeting. Click here to sign up for your FREE RangeMe profile.

Exclusive Engagements - Invitation Only

Efficient Supplier Introductions are tailored, category specific and focused to allow for product discovery and promotion through a virtual environment. Each participating supplier receives 10 minutes to present their innovations, points of differentiation, and origin stories to multiple interested buyers listening in virtually from the comfort of their desks.

Moderated Conversations - An Efficient Solution for Multiple Buyers and Suppliers

A dedicated ECRM client success manager will act as the meeting host and moderator of these gated virtual meetings to ensure confidentiality and punctuality. Since there are multiple buyers in the presentation all questions are asked through the moderator to ensure an organized and efficient process. The moderator assures meetings start and end on-time since supplier presentations are scheduled back to back.

Follow Ups - Unmatched Potential

Efficient Supplier Introductions are not only the perfect opportunity to efficiently discover and promote products, but also promote meeting follow up. Our client success managers will help Buyers utilize RangeMe in requesting samples or initiating conversations with suppliers; as well as how to further the conversation during the appropriate face-to-face ECRM Programs. For everyone’s convenience, participant contact information* will be made available as a reference.

*The sharing of Buyer contact information is contingent on the Buyer agreeing to the ECRM Privacy Policy.