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Company Name Attendee Title Beauty (16) Hemp/ CBD (1) Personal Care (16)
Ambiance Cosmetics, Inc. President
Ambiance Cosmetics, Inc. Operations Manager
Cuticura Labs, Corp. Owner & CEO
Dr. Jacobs Naturals LLC Co-Owner
Genomma Lab USA, Inc Asesor Financiero
Genomma Lab USA, Inc Procurement Specialist
Global Protection Corp. President
Global Protection Corp. Founder
Luseta Beauty Inc. Vice President
Luseta Beauty Inc. Account Executive
Marie's Original Formulas LLC.
Marie's Original Formulas LLC.
Merix Pharmaceutical Corp. Vice President
National Retail Solutions
National Retail Solutions VP of Sourcing
Organic Fiji Founder
Revive Essential Oils Vice President of Product Development
Revive Personal Products Company COO
Shea Radiance CEO
Specter Capital Founder and Principal
Super Skin Glow Founder
Techmira Corp. President
Treat Beauty CEO