How to Get Your Brand in Front of 50 million Older Consumers  6/14/2024

Want to get your products in front of 50 million older consumers who are looking for health and wellness products? Mail order may be the way to go! Silver Star Brands, formerly known as the Miles Kimball Company sends monthly catalogs to an audience typically in the 70-year-old range that skews female, and they are looking for products that help them look and feel their best, as well as products that make their lives a little easier.

Alternative retail channels

We often hear from suppliers participating in ECRM Sessions that they are amazed at the opportunities for sales in channels outside of traditional brick and mortar retail, and for some of these brands, these nontraditional channels end up being their best customers!

In this interview with ECRM's Joseph Tarnowski, recorded at ECRM's recent Beauty Sessions in Tucson, Silver Star Brands Director of Merchandising Cheri Wilkinson gives an overview of the company, it's five catalogs (as well as its Native Remedies, LLC and PetAlive brands), as well as the how brands can benefit from exploring the mail order channel. 

She also touches on some of the great finds at the Session, including the bath bombs from PurelifeBiotics, which she thinks will really resonate with her customers. (PureLifeBiotics won the Drug Store News Buyers Choice Award earlier this year for its bath bombs).

In addition, Cheri provides advice on how suppliers can best prep for meetings with Silver Star Brands' buyers. As Silver Star Brands participates in ECRM Sessions across General Merchandise and Health & Beauty Care, this is valuable information for brands who are meeting with them.

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