When it Comes to the Frozen Food Category, Sometimes Less is More | NIQ Interview  4/19/2024

When it comes to the frozen foods category, less can be more, according to NielsenIQ's Monica Burton, who gave an outstanding presentation at ECRM's Deli, Dairy & Bakery and Frozen Foods Sessions this afternoon in Chicago. In this video interview, Monica discusses how in some cases, reducing the total SKU count and focusing more on those unique products that drive incrementality can actually lift overall sales in the frozen segment as a whole.

Pizza case study

With so many products vying for limited frozen space, trying to squeeze in too many can be counterproductive. She gives a case study of the pizza segment. NielsenIQ found that by reducing the number of products with meat toppings and focusing more on white pizza and pizza with vegetable toppings can actually lift the entire segment.

Monica's presentation also addressed trends in the deli, dairy and bakery categories as well as information about NIQ's focus on the better-for-you segment and how that impacts assortments across all categories. Click here to download the presentation slide deck: ECRM NIQ Presentation Defending Shelf Space.pdf

NIQ data now available for RangeMe Premium and Pro subscribers

RangeMe Premium and Pro subscribers now have free access to category-level insights from NIQ’s Extended All-Outlet Combined (xAOC) multichannel market data through a new offering aimed at leveling the playing field for emerging brands. This includes access to category-level data segmented by week, facilitating year-over-year comparisons for both promotional and non-promotional retail sales. This granular insight enables brands to identify seasonal trends, track category growth, and pinpoint opportunities for sales and promotional activities within their segments. 



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