Sports Drink or Energy Drink? The Blurring Lines of Beverage Attributes  3/1/2024

How much caffeine must be in a sports drink before it is viewed as an energy drink? What is it that truly defines a non-alcoholic adult beverage? How do you best merchandise the beverage category in the face of these blurring attributes? These were some of the topics covered by Circana's Scott J. Love in his presentation at ECRM's Convenience Session in Denver this week titled, "Small Baskets, Big Opportunities."

In this video, ECRM's Joseph Tarnowski and Scott explore how these increasingly blurred lines in beverage attributes can impact how convenience retailers merchandise their beverages, given the limited space they have for each category, and how beverage brands can best position their products to help rise above the noise.

ECRM hosts several Sessions related to the beverage category. To see the full list, click here!


Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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