So You Had a Great ECRM Buyer Meeting -- What Happens Next?  2/19/2024


What happens between the time a brand has a successful buyer meeting at an ECRM Session and the moment its products get on the retail shelf? Becky Hines, Retail Account Manager at Mary Mack's shares her experience with this process in her video interview with Joseph Tarnowski that was recorded at our recent Winter Beverage Session in Denver.

Becky walks us through how the process unfolded, from the initial in-person buyer meeting at ECRM's July Beverage Session last year, to the follow up zoom meeting, the calls, the emails, pricing discussions, and onboarding with the distributor -- everything a brand would expect to go through in the process. She also discusses the experience of expanding the brand from direct-to-consumer to brick and mortar retail, and what to expect when you do.

The retailer will be picking up Mary Mack's Scoot Frozen Lemonade, a cool and refreshing lemonade slush that comes in a convenient resealable pouch, which will be on the retailer's shelves this summer! ECRM's Summer Beverage Session will be held July 21-23 in Las Vegas. 


Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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