How Boost Oxygen Positions its Product Across Multiple Categories  2/28/2024

When you have a product that spans multiple categories and use cases, how do you position it when you are meeting with a buyer? This is something that the folks at Boost Oxygen have a lot of experience with. The brand's supplemental oxygen products are used by many demographics for a variety of purposes.

Here are some of them:

- Senior citizens for respiratory issues

- Athletes for an energy boost

- People in high altitudes where there is less oxygen

- People living in areas with air quality issues

- Students for energy while studying

- People recovering from a hangover

As such, the Boost Oxygen can fit in many areas of the store: At the front end, in the vitamin/supplement aisle, with sports and fitness equipment and even co-merchandised with alcoholic beverages.

A solution for each area of the store

To accommodate this, Boost Oxygen has developed a variety of product sizes and merchandising displays, such as clip strips, PDQs, countertop and floor displays, and even pallet displays. 

In this video interview with Joseph Tarnowski at ECRM's Convenience and Impulse, Front-End & Checkout Sessions in Denver, Boost Oxygen's Elle Westphal and Alberto Mascaro discuss these various use cases of their products, and how they work with retailers for optimum placement (sometimes at several locations within the store). 


Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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