Brightfield Group's Wellness Trends to Watch: Stronger & Healthier  2/28/2024

We all want to get stronger and healthier, but which supplements are we turning to for immunity-boosting, weight loss and building strength and muscle? Brightfield Group’s Bethany Gomez and ECRM’s Joseph Tarnowski take a deep dive into this topic as they discuss a recent research report based on insights from Brightfield's AI-powered social listening tool.

Among the findings:


Those consumers most focused on immunity are stressed, urban Millennials with upper incomes who are trend starters. They are more focused on preventative health, are more likely to practice mindfulness, see functional foods as medicine and are focused on whole body wellbeing. They are purchasing tried and true immunity supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. Moringa, spirulina and Amla (Indian gooseberry) are also trending with this group.

Weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, inositol and berberine are used to help with insulin resistance and regulating blood sugar. Ozempic and other semaglutide-based medications such as Wegovy, Mounjaro, and the newly introduced Zepbound have emerged.

Strength & muscle

Gaining strength and muscle is an increasingly common goal as recent studies have shown the longevity benefits that come from increased lean mass. A third of consumers are looking for high protein products, and the trend of getting 30g of protein has been particularly explosive, gaining traction on Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram especially. Over the past year, the online buzz around creatine has surged significantly, marking its rise as a key topic in fitness and health discussions.

Click here for a PDF of the reporT: Q4'23_Stronger & Healthier Wellness Trends Report.pdf

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