Clean Chemistry for Consumers: Q&A With Amyris Chief Brand Officer Alastair Dorward  3/9/2022

Amyris Chief Brand Officer Alastair Dorward

More than ever before, consumers are conscious of what they put into and on their bodies, and are looking for products with cleaner ingredients that are not just better for them, but are also better for the planet. 

Amyris is a manufacturer of sustainable ingredients made with synthetic biology. Using sugarcane fermentation, it converts basic plant sugars into rare bioidentical molecules, essential ingredients and clean, effective everyday products, including a breakthrough molecule for anti-wrinkle skincare, a zero-calorie sweetener, a life-saving medication, a fine fragrance, and a polymer that makes electronic circuits more effective.

It’s the first synthetic biology company to successfully launch a family of clean consumer brands, three of which will be participating in ECRM’s Sustainability Week this June, of which Amyris is a sponsor. These brands include:

OLIKA: A clean wellness brand innovating safe, effective and sustainable personal hygiene.

Pipette: Sustainable personal care products and transparent information.

Purecane: Natural, zero-calorie, low-glycemic index sweetener products, made from sugarcane. 

In the video Q&A below, I speak with Amyris Chief Brand Officer Alastair Dorward about synthetic biology and how it works, and how the company teams up with major retailers like Walmart, Ulta Beauty, Target, Credo, buybuyBABY and Walgreens to serve their sustainability-minded shoppers.




Wayne Bennett

Senior Vice President, Retail

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