Q&A: Anne-Marie Dacyshyn - President & CMO, dosist & dosist health  10/1/2021

Anne-Marie Dacyshyn, President & CMO, dosist & dosist health

dosist has been empowering people to naturally manage their health & happiness through dose-controlled cannabinoid therapy since 2015. Today, we are a globally recognized company with a commitment to quality and consistency, and in November 2020 we introduced this trusted platform to a new category – dosist health. With dosist health we bring our leading standards of precision, quality, and targeted wellness performance to the CBD category through a collection of high concentration cbd+ formulas & products, specifically engineered to target the need-states of sleep, calm, and relief. 

ECRM spoke with Anne-Marie Dacyshyn, President & CMO of dosist & dosist health, about the company, it's products, and how it's working with retailers to serve it's consumers. dosist is participating in the upcoming Hemp/CBD Health & Beauty Care Program.

ECRM: Describe some of your key products, and the consumer markets that you target
In short, we take the guesswork out of CBD and make it easy for consumers to address the three most critical need-states affecting them today: sleep, pain, and anxiety. Our dosist health sleep, calm, and relief formulas are made with pure hemp cannabinoid isolates including cbd, cbg, cbc & cbn, plus active plant ingredients, measured in specific ratio combinations and formulated into high concentration blends. We also use a proprietary self-microemulsification technology called nanoblend™ in our sublingual and topical performance formulas, which activates on consumption or application, to create a faster onset and a more consistent experience. With dosist health we target consumers who value health and wellness, and who are constantly seeking out ways to improve how they perform at the sport of life. 

ECRM: What is your company/products' "wow" factor?
dosist health is committed to bringing a new level of precision, performance, and trust to the world of CBD. It’s time for real brands with quality products to disrupt CBD and drive a fresh new platform of quality and efficacy. We are that brand and have invested millions of dollars and 6 years of time perfecting our products, SOPs and platform, and we know of no other company more committed or passionate about delivering natural solutions for critical quality-of-life problems related to sleep, anxiety, and pain. With dosist health you get a premium assortment of quality CBD+ products ranging from advanced Topicals to fast-onset Ingestibles, all of which are efficacious, safe, and deliver a consistent and repeatable experience.

ECRM: How do you support the success of those buyers/category managers with which you work? 
We believe that happiness is the highest form of health, and work diligently to convey that across all of our marketing platforms and in partnership with our retailers. We do so by bringing together the best in brand marketing, deploying a hybrid team of internal talent with leading external creative and communications agencies to ensure that dosist health marketing is compelling, engaging, and leaves an indelible mark with your consumers.

Our team deploys the dosist health platforms, products, and stories through key & strategic initiatives that drive awareness, demand, and conversion across the following strategic tactics: Digital Marketing, Activations, Partnerships, Influencer Programming, Best-in-class Creative Campaigns, In-Store Visual Merchandising, Promotions, and Consumer collateral, all aimed at providing a higher level of education and information to the consumer about how to adopt quality CBD products into their daily lives.

ECRM: What trends are you seeing in the particular categories you cover?
Today more than ever, humans are realizing that health & happiness are inextricably linked. We intuitively know that happiness is needed in this world and without it nobody can be truly healthy. 
That is why we are so passionate about making consistent, safe, and precisely dosed CBD+ products, that have the power to improve your quality of life naturally. We make products that provide the gift of sleep, help soothe our aches and pains, or give you a dose of calm to allow you to chill out and enjoy life to its fullest.

What it comes down to is that today’s consumer is seeking out natural alternatives to their common everyday needs, and dosist health is at the forefront of the category providing real solutions that not only work but are consistent, enjoyable, and repeatable.

ECRM: Where are your products currently distributed?
Today we are available on our brand site www.dosisthealth.com and at key wellness and lifestyle retailers in the US. We have also just starting distributing to Europe and Asia with new partners that have been inspired by our platform and have just come on board. 

ECRM: How do you see your category evolving over the next few years?
The category is undergoing its first complete evolution. The first phase of CBD has come and almost gone, and now the best retailers are looking to completely flip and upgrade their offering from non-effective “me-too” products to real, powerful brands that understand how to build premium, efficacious products that will create life-long customers. CBD will be a powerhouse in wellness, but only the most elevated and science forward brands will win. 

ECRM: What's the best way for buyers to contact you?
Please contact myself at amd@dosist.com, our Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Jason DeLand jason@dosist.com, or our head of sales Jenna Prescott at jenna.prescott@dosist.com.

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