Wholistic Dermatology, Deen Smart Win Asian, Australian & Middle Eastern Win Awards  9/22/2021

The Asian, Australian & Middle Eastern Health and Beauty Care Programs took place in September, where we hosted live, one-on-one virtual meetings between health and beauty care suppliers and buyers who were looking to discover new and innovative products. Product categories reviewed included beauty, personal care, health care, nutrition and wellness. During the session, participating buyers were able to visit the Buyers Choice Awards section of the ECRM Connect platform and cast a digital vote on their favorite product based on innovation and product packaging. We are pleased to announce the winners:

The Asian, Australian & Middle Eastern Health Care, Nutrition & Wellness WINNER: Skin Fitness Plus Targeted Supplements by Wholistic Dermatology

Julia T. Hunter, M.D., founder of Wholistic Dermatology, and an internationally known Dermatologist in Beverly Hills, CA., has scientifically developed and formulated innovative lines of skin, supplements and bio-identical hormone products. The physiologically correct “Wholistic Dermatology Methodology” - addresses the body as a ‘whole’ -from the inside and out, optimizing skin and body health.

As an authority on ingredients, physiologically correct peels, technology of her specialty, what works and why, what are the healthiest and best alternatives for maximizing and maintaining health and beauty, Dr. Hunter provides the most pragmatic, doable, and results-oriented solutions in treating aging and skin diseases, and promoting skin restoration and prevention for all genders, ages, and skin of color. People are tired of getting cookie-cutter answers to their conditions. Finding the cause – addressing and finding the root of the problem has made Dr. Hunter the global second opinion and Wholistic Dermatology the source for non-toxic, physician/medical strength health and beauty!  Please visit their website for more information: www.juliathuntermd.com

FROM HEALTH COMES BEAUTY! Without health, everything you do to promote and preserve beauty works 30-50% at best. EARLY PREVENTION, slowing as much as scientifically possible internal aging and inevitable disease, are the KEY solutions for health and beauty. Supplements are definitively NOT all equal. SKIN FITNESS PLUS utilizes scientifically substantiated, correct, ESSENTIAL, bio-absorbed, quality in manufacturing (documented raw materials, ingredient strength, free of contaminants) supplementation, remedies, and teeth therapies necessary to prevent and optimize health in today’s world.


The Asian, Australian & Middle Eastern Beauty & Personal Care Program WINNER: Multifunctional Skin Rejuvenation Device by Deen Smart

Deen Smart is a company dedicated to manufacturing the most advanced skincare devices, making the skincare process unique and easy. We integrate research and development with innovation and design to create a unique, safe, and personal skin-device portfolio; our expertise is based on our rich technical development of medical devices and the partnership with highly recognized researchers from the Shenzhen Technology University in China.

Its Multifunctional Skin Rejuvenation Device is an advanced radio-frequency skincare device that removes impurities and dirt from pores. It soothes dry and sensitive skin, prevents acne, promotes the absorption of hydrating cosmetics, and helps active collagen to grow; it also tightens subcutaneous fibers and soothes the skin.

The skincare device includes the most advanced technologies in skincare treatment, such as:

  • Radio Frequency: Stimulates the growth of collagen.
  • Micro Current: Penetrates into deep layers of the skin.
  • Ion: Deep cleans the facial pores.
  • Vibration: Provides a comfortable massage.
  • Cold compress: Calms and soothes the skin.
  • Red & blue light: Rejuvenates the skin and reduces acne.

Congratulations to our Buyer’s Choice Award Winners!

Next year’s Programs will take place:

The Asian, Australian & Middle Eastern Beauty & Personal Care Program: August 29 – September, 2022

The Asian, Australian & Middle Eastern Health Care, Nutrition & Wellness: August 29 – 30, 2022


Kurt Repola

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