CleanZoom, GreenPolly Win Household Cleaning, Paper, & Food Storage Buyer's Choice Awards  5/12/2021

       CleanZoom All-in-One Mopping System

The Household Cleaning, Paper, and Food Storage Program took place April 19-21, where we hosted live, one-on-one virtual meetings. Buyers reviewed products based on trending themes such as sustainable and natural solutions, and we saw innovation in Household Cleaning & Chemicals, Disinfecting Wipes, Laundry Detergents, Air Care, Household Cleaning Supplies, Disposable & Reusable Food Storage, and Paper Products. During the session, participating buyers were able to visit the Buyers Choice Awards section of the ECRM Connect platform and cast a digital vote on their favorite product based on innovation and product packaging. We are pleased to announce the winners: 

First Place: CleanZoom – All-in-One Mopping System

CleanZoom is a Women and Minority Owned company dedicated to making mopping easier. With their compact, No Mess Mop, they help customers save time, save space, and save money. CleanZoom provides full-service solutions to retail partners through Warehousing, Drop Ship capabilities, Account Management, Marketing Support, and a dedicated customer service team. Their “Family mopping” video campaigns have gained a tremendous amount of social media engagement with over 600,000 views and their influencer campaigns have over 5 million impressions. Watch their videos on and check out CleanZoom Mop #HappyMopping on social media. They like to say – why keep spinning in circles when you can CleanZoom!

CleanZoom is the original US Patent Approved All-in-One Flathead Mopping system. Customers love CleanZoom because it has: Lightweight Compact Storage, Hands free-No Mess Mopping, Splash Free-Self Standing Stability, a 360 Swivel Head, a Machine Washable Reusable Microfiber Pad, and the patented 2 Chamber Wet/Dry Bucket. The adjustable, stainless steel handle has a comfort grip and easily assembles and disassembles to store in the bucket under a counter! The rectangle shape of the bucket fits easily in a corner, cabinet, or pantry. One side of the bucket is used for rinsing and the dry side of the bucket provides hands-free wringing that's easy enough for kids and Dads to operate!  

The slim, 360 swivel mophead fits easily into corners and small spaces (under the sofa). The soft and durable microfiber mop head is built to be streak-free, so it is great for both floors and windows. The lightweight mop bucket is built so that the mop stands up by itself in the bucket and you never have to prop the mop in the middle of a job. CleanZoom is perfect for apartments and small spaces, but also great to keep in multiple rooms of larger homes because it is so easy to store - Get one for your kitchen and one for your bathroom. The CleanZoom team has worked on every feature to build the best, easiest to use flathead mopping system on the market!

Second Place: BioBag Americas, Inc – GreenPolly Recycling Bag

GreenPolly is a new & emerging brand that aims to solve a glaring need in how we treat, think, and dispose of plastic waste. Each year, tons of plastic ends up in landfills while only about 10% of that gets recycled, according to EPA estimates. GreenPolly combines a blend of discarded plastics and green polyethylene (green plastic) from sugarcane to create a second life for our lineup of trash bags, recycling bags, and dog poop bags. GreenPolly is one of the first bags on the market to be made up of 80-90% post-consumer (non-industrial) plastic and a renewable resource (10-20% renewable green plastic from sugarcane). GreenPolly is a better way to think about recycling for generations to come. 

GreenPolly recycling bags are made from 80% post-consumer recycled plastic and 20% green plastic from renewable sugarcane. These recycling bags are designed and tested for durability when collecting recyclable items. The secure drawstring ensures contents inside are secured in place on the way to the recycling bin. The clear, unscented bags allow for easy viewing of the contents

inside and are best used in a municipal setting where recycling bags are generally accepted. GreenPolly is not some big-brand virgin plastic company that changed their tune… sustainable products have been their business model from the beginning. They are SCS Recycled Content certified and BPA-free! Find GreenPolly in your local grocer or online where sustainable recycling bags are just a click away.

Congratulations to our Buyer’s Choice Award Winners!
Next year’s Household Cleaning, Paper, & Disposable Food Storage Program will take place April 25-28, 2022

                 GreenPolly Recycling Bags


Tony Giovanini

SVP of General Merchandise

Tony can be reached at (440) 528-0416

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