What's Next in Wellness: Emerging Trends & Ingredients  3/31/2021

At ECRM's Healthy Living, Vitamin & Nutrition program, the education sessions included two insightful presentations from Brightfield Group in which they discussed emerging trends and ingredients in the wellness space. Both presentations are based on data collected by Brightfield's Evergi platform. Evergi integrates consumer surveys, social listening and expert analysis in a single platform so innovation and marketing teams can hone in on the products, brands, and topics consumers are talking about to drive a stronger go-to-market strategy around them.

Below are the recorded presentations, along with links to downloads of their accompanying slide decks. 

ECRM's Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Program will be held September 13 to 17 2021. Hope to see you there!

What’s Next in Wellness: Emerging Ingredients, Products, and the Value of Need States
The wellness industry continues to expand rapidly as consumers look to functional foods, beverages, ingredients and more to stay well. In this presentation, Kate Stevenson, Director of Client Strategy for Brightfield Group dives into the emerging trends and the consumer need states driving this segment forward.

Download the slide deck here: Whats Next in Wellness_Evergi_ECRM.pdf

Trends in Functional Ingredients & Supplements
In this presentation, Brightfield Group Managing Director Bethany Gomez reviews recent research on functional ingredients and supplements from its wellness social listening platform, Evergi.

Download the slide deck here: Brightfield Functional Ingredients.pdf


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