Tricol Clean, American Private Label Products Win ECRM PPE Buyers Choice Awards  1/7/2021

CoolTouch Mask
Tricol Clean Jade CoolTouch Microfiber Mask

Both Buyers Choice Award winners from ECRM's first ever Personal Protective Equipment Program have developed innovative products that are essential to today’s consumer needs.

Tricol Clean won the ECRM Buyers Choice Award for its CoolTouch mask at ECRM’s PPE Virtual Session held in November. American Private Label Products was a finalist for its AspiCare Hand Sanitizer.

The products were selected from dozens of entries submitted by participating suppliers. Buyers were able to evaluate each entry and cast their votes based on product packaging and innovation via Buyers Choice Awards section of the ECRM Connect platform. 

Tricol-Everplush (Tricol Clean and Everplush Company) design their products to solve customer problems. They are serious about innovation and making products responsibly. Tricol owns and operates 13 factories in China for fully vertical microfiber products, with lines across bath, kitchen, rugs, automotive, cleaning, and pet care. They help customers design the newest products leveraging their unique microfibers and production expertise. The Tricol US office manages their D2C site and welcomes new and existing customers to partner in creating the best microfiber products in the world.

CEO Mr. Hongwei Duan and head of research Ms. Sarah Wang developed the CoolTouch mask to solve the pesky problem of masks being too hot to wear. When Tricol spins the microfiber yarns, they add jade to the yarn. Jade doesn’t retain heat and that property is leveraged in the inner mask layer. When the user breathes into the mask, the heat from their body is quickly wicked away from their face so they feel cool. The jade in the fiber never washes out so the user can rely on the product to cool off every time it’s worn. The inner fabric has been brushed so that it’s extremely soft and comfortable on skin. Tricol has been producing this kind of technical fabric in bedding sheet sets and sports towels – where being too hot is a customer problem that can be easily solved!

The outer layer of the mask leverages our intelligent microfiber with silver ion technology. The silver content prevents the buildup of odor-causing microbes so the product will stay fresher longer. Both fabrics are shrink-resistant too! 

American Private Label Products, LLC is a hispanic female owned business located in Fort Payne, Alabama. They deliver only the highest quality goods manufactured from materials sourced in the United States of America. Their facility is fully updated and houses several automated lines. They are GMP compliant and have FDA and EPA registrations. They offer customers product development expertise and in-house custom formulas.  

American Private Label Products pledges to their customers to provide them the highest quality goods, fast turn-around times, very aggressive pricing, and exceptional service.

AspiCare 70% Gel Hand Sanitizer contains a moisturizing formula that leaves hands feeling smooth. It is made in the USA and backed by some of the largest enterprise brands in retail, hospitality, restaurants, and industrial clients. Available in 2ml one time use packets, 2.0, 4.0, 8.4, 16.9 oz sizes along with Gallons and 250 Gallon Totes available upon request. Special packaging design, bottles, and sizes are also options offered for the client's specific needs.

AspiCare by American Private Label Products


Craig Chmielowicz

SVP of Health & Beauty Care

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