Q&A: Dajuana Gotwals - Brand & Business Development Director, NB Natural  1/13/2021

Dajuana Gotwals, Brand & Business Development Director

NB Natural founder Dr. George Sadowski MD, surgeon and Chief Medical Officer, created NB on the belief that clean, healthy skin is within the reach of everyone. With specialized training in molecular biology and biochemistry, Dr. Sadowski developed all-natural and science-based product lines to treat damaged skin and rebuild the skin barrier.

NB Natural is focused on supplying the best possible products to help build healthy skin by restoring the natural skin barrier. The company’s foundation is built on values. It strives to lead with the belief in a world of inclusion while working to protect the environment and benefit the communities the company serves.

ECRM spoke with Dajuana Gotwals, NB Natural's Brand & Business Development Director about the company, its products, and how it’s working with retailers to serve it’s consumers. They will be participating in the upcoming Everyday and Holiday Cosmetics, Skin, Fragrance & Bath Virtual Session

ECRM: Describe some of your key products, and the consumer markets that you target.
Gotwals: Our Miracular and Logic Line products combine the power of science with the purest plant based all-natural ingredients to provide the best possible skincare products aimed at returning skin’s natural strength, firmness, and radiance.

Our Body & CBD Line Products are all-natural plant-based products based on scientific research that identifies the ideal plant-sourced ingredients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and soothing botanicals. These ingredients build, maintain, and protect skin from future damage caused by free radicals, pollution, UV, aging, scarring, acne, and everyday skin irritations resulting in healthy, beautiful skin.

All products are non-comedogenic, are appropriate for all skin types, and contain ingredients that produce immediate hydration. All products in the NB Natural skincare lines are paraben-free, Leaping Bunny Approved (Cruelty Free), and are manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Our bio-science company stays on the cutting edge with new innovative products to give our valued customer what they need.

ECRM: What is your company/products' "wow" factor?
Gotwals: NB Natural is the next-level cellular skin communication with our “5G” Guarantee. Each product has ingredients that:
1. Nourish the skin 
2. Hydrate the skin
3. Assist in the rejuvenation of the natural skin barrier
4. Support the natural skin barrier to help sustain future skin health
5. Restore the natural skin barrier and help protect skin from future damage 

Based on the body’s natural cell communication process our products are delivered by our “Miracular Cellular Communication,” which allows our ingredients to naturally penetrate the skin at the cellular level to treat and restore the skin barrier to protect it from future damage.

ECRM: How do you support the success of those buyers/category managers with which you work 
Gotwals: We contribute to our retailers by supporting a national monthly promotional calendar, and also support the retailer’s inhouse marketing strategy with coupons, FSI’s (Flyer Inserts), and seasonal promotions. We give approx. $20,000 – $50,000 in promotional support per product per year depending on the retailer’s sales volume.

ECRM: How has COVID impacted your business, and how have you adapted to the challenges?
Gotwals: We addressed the pandemic in several ways. Our strategy on growth has shifted to include more e-commerce type retailers in addition to traditional retailers, and we have grown our e-commerce presence with additional social marketing strategies.

We have shifted the efforts of our philanthropy program “NB Cares” to focus support towards frontline, first responders, and health care workers in our surrounding communities with over $500,000 in product donations to those who were forced to wear protective masks for extended periods of time on a daily basis to treat and protect them from skin damage. We have also formulated our NB Mask Logic product to treat and protect everyone from skin damage caused my wearing masks. 

ECRM: Where are your products currently distributed?
Gotwals: D2C E-Commerce, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, as well as in Russia, and China

ECRM: How do you see your category evolving over the next few years?
Gotwals: The skin care market worldwide is projected to grow by $44B driven by a compounded growth of 4.2%. The body lotion market size was $13.7B and it is expected to reach $17.8B by the end of 2026.

ECRM: What's the best way for buyers to contact you?
Gotwals: dgotwals@nbnatural.com / Phone: 904-770-1249
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dajuana-g-0713333


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