ECRM Europe Webinar: Opportunities in the Value-Added Private Label Market  11/11/2020

Remy Medina, Partner, IPLC

Consolidation of the European retail market has led to stronger market share of discounters and a proliferation of private label offers within retailers. Because of this, retailers are challenging suppliers to present innovations that will help them to get out of the private label price war.

One area of growth opportunity is at the premium segment of the private label market. This premium segment in Europe outperforms the total market sales growth, and in 2017 more than half of all worldwide new premium private label product introductions came from Europe.

In a world where conscious consumption is going mainstream, products with environmental and social benefits can justify a higher price, as Millennials are reshaping perceptions of premium with authenticity, simplicity, health, sustainability and social responsibility serving as indicators.

Retail brand specialist Remy Medina, partner of International Private Label Consult, explored some of these opportunities in a recent ECRM webinar, during which he shared highlights from the organization's research report, “Opportunities in the value-added Private Label Market." The research was part of an initiative by IPLC to better understand the value-added private label architecture and strategy of retailers.

The presentation, which was followed by a live Q&A session, aimed to deliver insights into a developing and exciting area of growth for retailers and suppliers alike, not only where it stands today, but also identifying areas of growth and opportunity for the future.

You can view the recorded webinar below. Click here to download the slide deck: IPLC Research presentation - ECRM 2020.pdf

IPLC is a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategic consultancy services and project management support to manufacturers and retailers. With a broad and deep understanding of the private label industry, it seeks to help its clients with a pragmatic and action-oriented approach.

For more information, contact Remy at +31 626843742 (France), or email 

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