CBD Insights: Trends, Regulations, Product Innovation & Sales Training  11/30/2020

Earlier this month ECRM held its CBD/Hemp Food & Beverage and Pet & Pet CBD virtual sessions, which included extremely robust educational programming, including five on-demand educational sessions.

Brightfield Group Managing Director Bethany Gomez presented a State of the CBD Food & Beverage Industry webinar for participants prior to the sessions, and developed two video presentations that were hosted on the ECRM Connect virtual platform during the session, one focusing on the Impact of COVID on the CBD market and one on new product innovations. 

Hoban Law Group Attorney Bridget Hill-Zayat gave an on-demand presentation featuring a CBD regulatory update, and Healthy Not High's Kristen Brooks provided a video on best practices for training store-level associated on how to sell CBD products.

In addition, ECRM hosted several Thought Interaction Pod roundtables for attendees on a variety of topics around the CBD industry, and participants had the opportunity to share their thoughts on key CBD issues.

Below are the webcast ad video recordings from the session. ECRM will be hosting several CBD sessions next year across the Food & Beverage, General Merchandise and Health & Beauty Care categories:

CBD Food & Beverage State of the Industry Webcast

Bethany Gomez, Managing Director of Brightfield Group, provides an overview of the CBD Food & Beverage industry in this webcast, which was held in October for participants of ECRM's CBD Food & Beverage Virtual Session. This recording of the webcast includes the Q&A held following the presentation. Click here to download the slide deck: ECRM_CBD FoodBev State of Industry_October 2020.pdf

The Impact of COVID on CBD Retail

The global pandemic has significantly impacted many industries around the world. CBD is not immune to the negative economic impact of COVID. There have been, however, key market and consumer shifts over the past few months which indicate strong potential for the US CBD market. In this presentation, Brightfield Group Managing Director Bethany Gomez discusses these shifts and what brands and retailers can do to get ahead.

The Next Generation of CBD Products

Innovation in the CBD industry has exploded over the past year and has not slowed down due to the pandemic. The evolution of the CBD industry, along with where its headed, can be seen in the latest products with targeted branding, accurate dosages, and familiar form factors. In this presentation, Brightfield Group Managing Director Bethany Gomez provides a better understanding of the lifecycle of CBD products and how the 2nd generation of CBD is shifting the tone of a growing industry.

CBD, Cannabis & Hemp: Regulatory Status and Update

In this presentation, Bridget Hill-Zayat, an Attorney with Hoban Law Group, will identify the differences between the two richest sources of CBD, hemp, and cannabis. We will review the history of federal prohibition, the subsequent creation of the state markets, and the recent changes to federal and state regulations governing CBD in various products

Training Store Associates to Sell CBD

CBD consultant Kristen Brooks provides some great insights on how to best engage CBD consumers in mass retail stores. Selling CBD can be a challenge at mass retail, and consumers new to the category may not always know what's best for them. In addition, retail staff has limited time and resources for the consultative-type of sale these products need. Kristen gives some quick tips on how to quickly the information you need from shoppers to make the best product recommendation to meet their wellness objectives.


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