The Heatpack Company and Fleming Medical Wins Buyers Choice Award at Euro Health  9/28/2020

The European Health, Nutrition and Wellness Program took place 14th-17th September during which 995 one-one virtual meetings were hosted between buyers and suppliers. Conversations were focused on future business, strengthening existing relationships and looking for new and innovative products.Throughout ECRMs virtual program, participating buyers were able to cast a digital vote on their favorite product based on innovation and product packaging, and we are pleased to announce the winners: 

The Heatpack Company took the first place with their ThermoDR HeatWraps product range and Fleming Medical was the finalist with their Medicare First Aid range.

This was one of the several European sessions that ECRM is hosting this year. Click here to see the full list of this years virtual sessions and upcoming programs in 2021.

Learn more about the winning products below and the brand behind them.

The Heatpack Company - Pain Management With Heat

The Heatpack Company Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of wheat filled, microwaveable heatpacks aimed at all over pain relief and general relaxation. Manufacturing heatpacks for over 15 years, all products are 100% hand-made at their facility in Manchester by talented and skilled machinists and fillers, using home grown wheat and lavender.
The products, branded and private label are supplied to pharmacies, supermarkets, drugstores, discount retailers and high street retail in the UK as well as exporting to Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa and China.

The ThermoDR range of HeatWraps combines the heat conductive properties of wheat with the relaxing scent of lavender to produce, when warmed in a microwave, a hot moist compress to soothe aching muscles and relieve stress. Developed with professional physiotherapists to ensure the most effective methods of pain relief.
The Body Wrap is a non-invasive way of applying heat to a choice of body parts to assist in the relief of pain and discomfort caused by menstrual periods, migraines, lower back pain and many others. Simply pop in the microwave as per our recommended guidelines and apply heat within a couple of minutes.  Designed to relieve muscle aches and sports injuries with a flexible shape to mould to all over body parts.  Great for cuddling up at night in bed or on the couch


Fleming Medical - Family owned innovator of healthcare devices and consumables
Fleming Medical is an Irish owned, leading innovator of diagnostic, sports therapy, first aid, footcare and woundcare products - designing, producing, and delivering over 6,000 of these high-quality healthcare products under their Medicare, Lifesense and Physiologix brands. Operating for over 30 years, Fleming Medical trade in more than 20 countries worldwide and are a trusted partner for Irish and international pharmacy, community health and hospital healthcare professionals. With strategic locations and partnerships across the globe means a quick way to get products out to the market.

Fleming Medicals wide range of First Aid products include; First Aid Kits, Plasters, Burncare, and Infection Control products and are created with the patient’s best interest in mind.
Their first aid kit range include kits for work, sports, home, and travel, which are certified and of the highest quality. After extensive research and collaboration with first responder experts, Fleming Medical have developed first aid kits that are packed with all the essentials needed for any kind of emergency.

  • Medicare Home First Aid Kit has 160 contents and is suitable for up to 10 people. The contents are organised and labelled to help the user quickly identify what they need when they need it. 
  • Medicare Plaster Range includes Hydrocolloid plasters which provide a moist environment for wound healing, while their full range of plasters and tapes are hypoallergenic, latex-free and kind to skin. 
  • Medicare Burncare Range is extensive and highly effective. The hydrogel-based formula minimises skin trauma and damage, reduces the risk of infection while cooling and soothing the burn.  
  • Medicare Effigerm Hypochlorous Sanitising Spray is a non-alcoholic solution for first aid and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It kills 99.9% of germs, is effective against COVID-19 and ideal as a skin and surface sanitiser.

Next years edition of the European Health, Nutriton and Wellness Program (Including CBD Health and Wellness)  will take place in-person between the dates of 24th - 27th of October, 2021. Want to participate or learn more? Click on the link above or drop us an email.


John Van der Valk

ECRM Europe

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