Exporties, AM Get Clean Win ECRM Consumer Technology Buyers Choice Awards  9/16/2020

     BassMe Wearable Subwoofer by Exporties

The Buyers Choice Award winning products from our recent Conusmer Technology virtual session both cater to the 2020 consumer's needs: upgrading the at-home experience and sanitizing!


Exporties won the Buyers Choice Award for its BassMe wearable subwoofer at ECRM’s Consumer & Home Office Technology Virtual Session held in August. AM Get Clean was the finalist for its all-in-one cleaning mist.     


The products were selected from dozens of entries submitted by participating suppliers. Buyers were able to evaluate each entry and cast their votes based on product packaging and innovation via the Buyers Choice Awards section of the ECRM Connect platform.


Exporties is a provider of high-quality audio, video, mobile, and gamer accessories at the best price possible for its partners and clients. They are a passionate team and love their brands like BassMe, Xtrike Me, GlobalTone and Linkit Security. They are here to prove that quality products and amazing customer service is the way to do business! One of their anchor points is to always adapt to customers’ requests and to be able to provide the perfect B2B partnership and experience.


BassMe is a wearable subwoofer that rests conveniently on your shoulder, with the audio-element sitting against your rib-cage. Designed to be worn with headphones or even with a VR kit, BassMe helps you feel the audio, rather than just listen to it. Using state-of-the-art sound-wave and vibration technology, BassMe delivers rich low-end frequencies to you, widening the range of frequencies you experience while listening to music or to any sort of audio. It complements your audio with zero lag, and delivers sound so efficiently that users are often compelled to reduce the volume on their headsets just because they can already hear so well. Made for being worn while listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, BassMe gives you the effect of having a powerful hi-fi speaker unit near you, so the music feels pumpier, movies seem more immersive, and those gunshots and car engines in your games really feel believable. 


Established in 1971, AM has earned its place as a leader in the field of accessories to consumer electronics, hi-fi and the automotive industry. In the 70s, it felt like more than half the people who owned a hifi had an AM Clean Sound record cleaner. Back then the gadgets were record players and vinyl. Now they’re phones, computers and all kinds of gadget screens.


Today, AM develops and manufactures the highest quality products with a goal to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  You'll find AM Get Clean branded products in retail with some of the world's leading brands, like Colette Paris, Porsche, Audi, VW and more.

AM Get Clean's AM Mist

AM Mist, the smallest in AM's Get Clean family and perfect for bag, pocket and purse, is a convenient all-in-one spray and microfiber cloth to help you attack schmutz, bacteria, and viruses. It's safe for all screens, and is non-toxic without harsh chemicals or alcohol. Mist is refillable, rather than disposable. Mist comes in 5 different vibrant colors from which to choose and even pre-packed counter POP displays. Although gentle on you and your technology, AM cleaning liquid doesn’t skimp on the germ killing.

Current evidence suggests that COVID-19 can hang around on surfaces for several hours, or even days. Just as washing your hands the right way can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the use of soap and water-based solutions to clean touchscreen displays is proven to be more effective than alcohol-based sanitizers. Soap and water solutions remove viruses, unlike alcohol based sanitizers, which simply neutralize the virus and leave it on your screen, allowing it to resurge later.


Tony Giovanini

SVP of General Merchandise

Tony can be reached at (440) 528-0416

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