Bevpax and Goodio Win Buyers Choice Awards at ECRM European Food Program  7/15/2020

Bevpax Survive Satchels

Last week ECRM hosted its 2020 European Food, Confectionery, Bio/Organic & Free From Virtual Program, enabling European buyers and distributors to meet with suppliers from around the world to connect in private, pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings despite travel bans and meeting restrictions caused by the pandemic.

During the course of three days, 762 meetings between buyers and suppliers took place, and the virtual meeting rooms hosted via the ECRM Connect platform were busy with conversations and product  presentations.

During the virtual session, suppliers had the opportnity to submit their products for the awards program, and the 49 buyer participants had the opportunity to cast their digital vote on their favorite product based on packaging and product innovation. Bevpax took the first place with its fruity Survice Satchels Products. Second place went to Goodio for its Oats Chocolate Chai Coffee.

This was the first of several European Virtual Sessions ECRM will be hosting this year. Click here to see the full list of our category-specific virtual sessions!

Let us introduce the winners!

First Place: Bevpax Survice Satchels

BEVPAX Pty Ltd is contract manufacturer and innovation specialist founded in Sydney, Australia, to create healthy products that support and promote a positive lifestyle. Its newest range, SURVIVE, is a complete suite of beverages and food groups focussing on immunity and health, featuring botanicals, prebiotics, probiotics and functional benefits to improve wellbeing.

Packed with vitamins, hydration and probiotics, these little power packs provide functional ingredients to promote good gut health, assist the body to function to its full potential and support an active lifestyle. To use, simply pour into a glass and add water to activate the benefits and consume. Great for any time of day, before or after workouts or to keep your body healthy and hydrated.

Available in the flavors of Pomegranate, Orange & Mango, Mixed Berry, Banana & Strawberry, each 7g Survive sachet makes one 250mL serving. 

Bevpax will be participating in next years European Food Program as well!


Second Place: Goodio's Oats Chocolate Chai Coffee

Goodio is manufacturer of vegan craft chocolate, whose vision is to be a radically transparent company that offers quality products for the well-being of both people and the environment. The company aims to reinvent the chocolate and the food industry, and is known for its strengths in an organic and fair supply chain, excellent design, delicious products and always putting the well-being of the people and the planet first.

Goodio’s range of Oat chocolates are an innovative combination of Finnish gluten-free oats and organic chocolate, and have 50 percent less sugar than conventional milk chocolates. Its Oat Chocolate Chai Coffee was a favorite among participating buyers.

All oat chocolates are organic, vegan and gluten-free.

Goodio's Oats Chocolate Chai Coffee

Next years edition of the European Food, Confectionery, Organic/Bio & Free From Program is already in calendar, and will take place in-person 21-23 March, 2021. Interested to join, or want to learn more? Simply drop me an email and we will be in touch.


John Van der Valk

ECRM Europe

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