Store Brands: Trends, Predictions & Packaging Design Insights  4/17/2019

ECRM hosted its second annual Store Brands Leadership Summit this month in Las Vegas during its Store Brands Health & Beauty Care, Store Brands Foods: Center Store and Store Brands Foods: Perimeter of the Store sessions.


As with last year, there were two concurrent educational tracks. The Retailer Presentations Track was exclusive for suppliers only, and featured several top retailers discussing how each envisions a successful private label relationship with its supplier-partners. The Marketing Services Presentation Track was open to both buyer and seller attendees, and featured insights on store brands sales trends, buyer activity around store brands and actionable information on store brand product development and packaging design. Below are video interviews with each of the Marketing Services speakers during which they provide some key takeaways from their presentations. 

Store Brands Trends & Opportunities (Kathleen Kemmet, Client Services Executive, IRI Worldwide)

Across Health and Beauty categories, Store Brands growth is outpacing the growth of National Brands. Kathy discussed what is driving these trends and took a deeper look at the consumers who are helping feed this growth based on IRI data.

In this video interview, she covers some key points from her presentation, including the greater acceptance of store brands among Millennials; private brand permeation among all income levels; and the impact of social media on store brands (Click here for Kathy’s slides)

Product Development & Packaging for Success at the Shelf (Emily Page, CEO of Pearl Resourcing)

Emily Page, CEO of Pearl Resourcing, took attendees through what it takes to develop products and packaging that will make your brand items truly stand out on the shelf. She discussed the symbiotic relationship between product development and packaging, what packaging design elements make products pop at the shelf, how to build your brand story and tell it consistently across categories, and how to keep the end user in mind throughout the development process. In this video, she discusses her points about leveraging visual effects and color to really stand out on the shelf. (Click here for Emily’s presentation slides)

RangeMe Insights: Illuminating Trends Before They Hit the Shelf - Store Brands Edition (Brandon Leong, VP of Marketing & Growth, RangeMe)

RangeMe’s Brandon Leong presented a forward look at the store brand categories that will be top-of-mind among buyers for the coming months based on unique insights culled from buyer behavior on RangeMe’s product discovery platform, including top private label search terms used on RangeMe; trending categories and products; hot certifications and pricing. (Click here for Brandon’s presentation slides)

Intersection of Food & Beauty + 2019 Trends Forecast (Colleen McClellan, Director, Datassential)

The convergence of food and beauty has arrived, and it’s changing how consumers prioritize what they eat, drink, and put in their bodies. Fueled by the superfood revolution, the intertwining of these two industries has major implications for the future of healthy eating and beauty. Datassential’s Colleen McClellan discussed how trend-forward consumers are seeking out food products and ingredients that also meet their sensibilities for beauty and wellness, and what this means for private brands and retailers alike. (Click here for Colleen's presentation slides)


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