Happy Halloween from ECRM!!  10/31/2018

This year the ECRM team went above and beyond in the design and concepts around their Halloween costumes. Here's a gallery of their creations from the Solon and Amsterdam offices -- Happy Halloween!!

And Congrats to our Halloween Costume Contest Winners: 

1st Place: Erin Krumpe

2nd Place: Chris LoGrande

3nd Place: Brittany Castrataro



Shelby Brune: Damian Leigh (Mean Girls)
Brittany Castrataro: Dwight Schrute, from "The Office" (3rd Place Winner)
Lauren Deroia: Scott Rogowsky (HQ)



Joe Dlugosz: Chewbacca
Corbin Frazee & Andrea Kumse- Slinky Dog (Toy Story)



Dylan Hall: The Purge
Erin Krumpe: Marv, from the movie "Home Alone": (1st Place Winner!)
Angela Leggett: Cactus



Katie Lehman: Julia Childs
Chris LoGrande: Vintage Bowler (2nd Place Winner)
Kasha Long: The Incredibles



Meghan Johnson: Biker
Lauren McNichols: “Holy Cow”
Sammi Miroglotta: Brett Michaels

Cierra Mytnick: Zero (Holes)
Ashley Newman: Handmaid
Natalie Steele: Wendy Addams (The Addams Family)


Lindsey Virden: Beanie Baby
Audrey Nguyen: Zombie



Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content


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