Fireside Chat: Why All ECRM Suppliers Should be on RangeMe  6/6/2018

It's been a year since ECRM acquired the product discovery platform RangeMe, and for suppliers, the combination of regular in-persom meetings at ECRM sessions and the 24/7/365 exposure to buyers on RangeMe is a great way of getting their products discovered by retailers and foodservice operators.

In the fireside chat video below, I speak with Vir Satyan, RangeMe's Director of Supplier Success, on the benefits RangeMe delivers to suppliers, and why every ECRM supplier should at a minimum have a free basic RangeMe profile. (This was filmed outside in Vegas during ECRM's Beauty Week, so please excuse the background noise and wind).

Vir also outlines some of the benefits of becoming a premium member, such as the opportunity to become RangeMe Verified (which increases a supplier's exposure to buyers), access to the RangeMe Premium team to help optimize their profiles, and insights on buyer engagement with their brands.

So at the very least, you should visit the RangeMe site to set up a basic profile, and if you are interested in becoming a RangeMe Premium member, you can email Vir Satyan.


Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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