RangeMe Discovery Hub Debuts at Upcoming ECRM Grocery EPPS  1/11/2018

Retail product discovery solution provider ECRM will bring new and innovative suppliers of grocery center store products from RangeMe to its Winter Snack & Dry Grocery EPPS, to be held this February in Chicago, for private face-to-face meetings with retail buyers in its newly-launched RangeMe Discovery Hub.

The RangeMe Discovery Hub, which will be hosted in a ballroom during the session, will feature suppliers from the ECRM-owned digital product discovery platform that have never before participated in an EPPS, giving attending buyers access to suppliers and products they’ve likely never seen before in a face-to-face environment. For RangeMe suppliers, it’s a great opportunity to meet in-person with dozens of buyers from large retail chains in private, pre-scheduled meetings.

"We are excited to launch this new platform at the upcoming session to deliver some of the most innovative suppliers in the industry," said Sarah Davidson, SVP of Grocery for ECRM. "Buyers are looking for the next best thing, they want to see innovative to help grow their category and meet the demands of the ever-changing consumer. With the combination of our Planning Session, Power Hall and now RangeMe Discovery Hub, this EPPS is a one stop shop for suppliers and buyers alike."

The program is limited to 20 supplier participants, and will include one attendee for 10-minute meetings in a tabletop environment. Suppliers can expect to have meetings with 30 to 50 buyers during the session.

“The RangeMe Discovery Hub will create great opportunities for our amazing supplier and buyer community,” said Nicky Jackson, founder and CEO of RangeMe. “This not only extends our service offering, but it further cements ECRM and RangeMe as the industry solution for end-to-end sourcing.”

The Discovery Hub is an example of how ECRM and RangeMe – which ECRM acquired last year – are collaborating to provide buyers with access to more product innovation, and giving suppliers a greater breadth and depth of exposure to retail buyers via online and face-to-face product discovery platforms. Many suppliers have already benefitted from this combination, such as Millie’s Kitchen Creations, who credits the ECRM/RangeMe combination for growing her business from $150,000 in sales to well over $1 million in just a couple of years (see video below).

If you are a current supplier on RangeMe and would like to participate in the Discovery Hub, please contact Sarah Davidson, ECRM SVP of Grocery, 440-542-3033, or email: SDavidson@ECRM.MarketGate.com

Millie's Kitchen Creations on its success leveraging both ECRM and RangeMe

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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