Webcast: Make Your Brands Stand Out on a Crowded Shelf  7/13/2017

Webcast Date: Wednesday, July 19, from 2PM to 3PM EST

You’ve worked hard to get your product on retailers shelves. Now you need to help your products to be easily discovered by shoppers. You can’t afford to allow shoppers to overlook your products in favor of your competition simply because you don’t standout.

Some brands are famously known for their deep discounting and promotion frequency. The reality is that those strategies are not sustainable and they do not grow category profits - exactly what retailers do not want. Natural organic brands drive profitable growth in most every category. Brands need to help retailers maximize each and every selling opportunity to give shoppers what they want and to maximize category growth. 

During this webcast – the first in a series – Daniel Lohman, Organic and CPG Strategic Industry Advisor for Category Management Solutionswill discuss effective merchandising strategies and techniques brands can use in conjunction with retailers that accomplish both of these objectives and more. It will cover how brands can take responsibility for the placement and distribution of their products, including effective merchandising strategies to grow sales and profits.

Among the topics to be discussed are:
  • Developing the right assortment to enhance product discoverability
  • How to keep natural/organic products from getting lost on the shelf
  • How to become a true merchandising partner for your retailer

  • August: 3 surefire ways to increase sales with natural products
  • September: Best practices strategies to maximize promotions with effective merchandising 
  • October: Assortment Strategies That Delight Customers. What role do brands have in helping retailers merchandise their category?
  • November: Category review strategies to grow sales and profits. Learn how to maximize each and every selling opportunity with your retailer partners. 
  • December: Learn how to become a category leader. What tools, skills, and data do you need to succeed?

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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