ECRM & RangeMe: A Supplier Case Study  6/20/2017

Even before ECRM acquired online discovery platform RangeMe, the two companies had synergies that delivered value to both suppliers -- and each other -- and Session Savers Sunscreen is a perfect example of how.

John Burton, President of the San Diego-based manufacturer of on-the-go sunscreen (see video below), was first noticed by a major retailer after uploading his product and company information onto RangeMe. “We learned about RangeMe a couple of years ago,” says Burton, “and after posting our product information we were noticed by a sun care buyer at Target.”

That buyer ultimately invited Burton to participate in a category line review in February 2016 that was being hosted at Target headquarters by – you guessed it – ECRM. The sun care line review was one of several concurrent category reviews that were being conducted at Target, as part of ECRM’s enhanced efficient supplier review (EESR) programs it offers as part of its retailer solutions.

Following his experience at Target, Burton decided to take the next step and participated as a new vendor in ECRM’s Sun Care EPPS in the summer of 2016, where, in addition to having dozens of meetings with retail buyers, his Session Savers Sunscreen won the ECRM/Drug Store News Buyers Choice Award.

“Having successfully worked with both Range Me and ECRM separately, I can only imagine what they will come up with as far as streamlining the process of connecting vendors with buyers, now that they are together,” says Burton. “I look forward to seeing the results in the coming months.”

We invite you to get your product discovered – upload your product information to RangeMe, and check out ECRM’s website to find the EPPS session that will put you in front of the right buyer. Who knows? Maybe your product will be a Buyer’s Choice Award winner, too!

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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