Podcast: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Fear & Procrastination  5/31/2017

In this episode of the On the Shelf podcast Timothy bush of TLB Consulting discusses how fear and procrastination can get in the way of success for suppliers looking to get on the shelves of big box retailers.

The podcast, which was based on two recent articles in entrepreneur magazine, explores how we let fear -- the fear of taking action, of moving forward, of spending money, of competition -- prevent us from taking the necessary stepos to achieve success.

He also discusses how procrastination, which also stems from these fears, can negatively impact our ability to progress in our businesses.

He then provides some simple but powerful tips on how to reduce this fear and take the actions necessary to succeed.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Here are the two articles on which the podcast is based:

4 Reasons People Procrastinate and a Cure for Each One, by: Doug & Polly White

Flip the Switch on Fear-Based Thinking, by Allison Maslan

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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