Store Brand Foods: Digital Promotion Trends and Insights  4/15/2017

Private Label brands are on the rise and consumer shopping habits are shifting. A recent shopper study from Market Track found that a majority of consumers perceive both the quality of Store Brands to be on par with National Brands, and the price to be more compelling. Shoppers are also seeking out information on these products online, for the purpose of purchasing as well as research. This indicates a growing opportunity for health and beauty care retailers, and growing competition for National HBC brands.

During ECRM's Store Brand Foods EPPS, Traci Gregorski, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Market Track examines how Private Label store brands are being sought out in the digital realm in addition to how they have been advertised and promoted in recent years relative to the rest of store.

Among the topics discussed were:

  • Growth in promotional support within store brand foods
  • Store Brand offer types
  • Store brand promotions by media type
  • Outcome-based strategies for driving private label sales
  • Store brand segmentation within retailers
  • Optimizing store brand promotions
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Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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