Industry Insights: Cough/Cold, Analgesics & Allergy EPPS  2/28/2017

Although we are still in the midst of cough could season, several suppliers came out to Destin, Florida in mid-February to present their latest items and to discuss the hottest trends in the cough, cold, allergy, analgesics, lip care, vaporizers and humidifier categories with buyers from a variety of retail channels who were sourcing new and reviewing current offers.

During these one-on-one meetings, natural/organic, immunity products and day/night combo packs were some of the most prevalent trends presented to the retail market.

When it comes to the natural products, Elyptol, a hand sanitizer that is safe and gentle for your skin and made from naturally sourced ingredients was among one of the more popular items at the session. Buyers in attendance even voted Elyptol as a finalist in the Buyer’s Choice Awards hosted by Drug Store News. Another natural product presented was a Carmex lip balm made from oatmeal. 
Drug Store News in their annual 2016 Cough-Cold report supports the growth of the natural products segment as 7% of consumers surveyed said natural was the primary reason why they choose one cough cold item over another. That was the 4th leading reason just behind doctor recommendation, relieves symptoms right away and that the product was successful before. 

More and more immunity boosting items are also popping up on the shelf, including the EZC Pak, a 5-day immune support pack made with natural ingredient like Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Not only does EZC Pak fall in line with the natural and organic trend but it also lends itself to those consumers treating their colds with immunity boosting supplements which according to the Drug Store News Annual Cough-Cold report is 35% of the consumers surveyed.
Day/night comb packs address multiple consumer needs. Whether it is relieving those cold and flu symptoms in order to fall asleep at night or to get through the day, the day/night combo packs offer consumers the best of both worlds. For instance, Hyland’s presented their 4Kids Cold’n Cough Day & Night Value Pack which helps to eliminate both daytime and nighttime cold symptoms offering consumers instant relief and convenience.

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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