Diet, Vitamin & Sports Nutrition Insights  2/7/2017

Consumers have incorporated healthier practices into their lifestyle for a while now but product demands are beginning to shift as new innovation hits the marketplace. Suppliers presented products in the vitamin, diet and sports nutrition categories to buyers during face-to-face meetings at the January Diet, Vitamin and Sports Nutrition Efficient Program Planning Session (EPPS). With so much innovation in one place, ECRM got a firsthand look at the trends taking the category by storm.

Alternative Proteins: Sources of protein outside of meat based options are becoming more popular specifically plant based, vegan options which speaks to concerns around the environmental sustainability of meat based protein production. For instance, Fusion Diet System’s Pea Protein which is made from rice and hemp protein along with MacroLife Natural’s new MacroMeal, also a vegan protein were presented. Paul Jarrett with Bulu Box discussed some category hot topics one of which is cricket protein.  Although not vegan, this emerging type of protein is one that the industry should keep an eye on.
Chewables: Consumers are moving away from tablets that you swallow and gravitating towards chewable vitamins. Not only are the chewables easier for consumers to take but they also make people feel as though they are eating a sweet treat rather than taking medication. Some products presented and that are in line with this trend include, Mason Vitamin’s Sugar Free Probiotic Gummy and Premama’s Prenatal Digestive Aid Chew. 
Beauty from Within: Suppliers are branching out into beauty driven vitamins that are designed to work just as well as topical serums and moisturizers. Human skin limits the about of nutrients that can be absorbed so ingesting targeted ingredients can help to provide specific health benefits that a consumer wouldn’t necessarily receive from a topical application.   

Take a look at some of the other items that were presented during the Diet, Vitamin & Sports Nutrition EPPS.

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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