The Advantages of Transparent Packaging  1/5/2017

You’ve put considerable time and expense into creating a great product. Now, give it a major marketing advantage: Let people see it through a beautifully designed clear folding carton! 

Various studies show that customers are over 600 percent more likely to pick up a product they can see over one hidden in a paper box. The most significant study, conducted by Clemson University, tracked eye movement in a shopping situation. The resulting data showed that eyes were instinctively drawn to the sight of products rather than pictures on boxes. Effectiveness of visibility has been shown to be as high as 678% when it comes to catching customer attention. Some analysis has shown that being able to see the product can increase sales by over 200%. People feel more confident purchasing a product they can see. Visibility is essential to positive sales growth. The question is—how do you get ‘seen’? 

With over 12 years as a packaging professional, Dave Tasse knows how: “Transparent packaging. It’s one of the most effective ways of insuring product success. People are more likely to purchase a product that they can see.” As Vice President of Sales for Printex Transparent Packaging, Dave has seen packaging evolve over the years and has witnessed the difference clear plastic folding cartons can make in a company’s bottom line. Not only is clear packaging a superior marketing tool, it allows for customized shapes and unique designs in virtually unlimited configurations that have maximum impact on store shelves. Dave’s company has produced some of the latest hybrid packaging which combines clear plastic with paper, as seen in the industry award-winning Nestlé Nescafé Instant Coffee Sachets package. 

“Clear plastic boxes can give customers 100% visibility of your product,” Dave explains. Inside the clear boxes, you can have your product supported by internal compartments or inserts that, when combined with clever graphics on the clear folding carton, can give the impression that your product is floating in the center of the box. Each product presents different needs that must be considered when designing optimum packaging. 
Transparent packaging plastic folding cartons also allows for attention grabbing decorating, including, printing, embossing and even adding a fragrance to the ink on the package. Your product can be completely visible while still having branding on the outer clear carton. “In all, transparent packaging is incredibly versatile,” Dave states. 

And the industry is evolving. As new, more environmentally friendly materials become available, they quickly become incorporated in packaging. “We have perfectly clear plastics that are made of 50% recycled material,” Dave states. “We’re always looking for new and better ways to use transparent packaging.”
Increased sales, a more commanding visual presence, greater visibility in the marketplace, environmentally sensible—transparent packaging is a wise decision for a whole list of reasons. Whatever your priorities are as you take your product out into the world-wide marketplace, consider transparent packaging. Your product deserves it.

Dave Tasse, VP of Sales for PRINTEX TRANSPARENT PACKAGING. To contact Mr. Tasse, email him at

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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