The Future of Merchandising Solutions  11/22/2016

Cam Cloeter of Impulse Marketing is a veteran in the merchandising solutions industry and gives his viewpoints on where he sees the industry headed. 

  • What are the long term prospects for using LED lighting for the center store and/or front-end checkout areas. LED lighting applications will continue to grow at retail. In a practical sense it is just good business, in terms of energy savings, longevity and elimination of heat. More importantly “lighting” can be used to transform the shopper experience; create disruption, focus and increase basket size / profitability.

  • What do you see in the way of anything new for the future of fixtures (designs, materials, graphics, technology, merchandising techniques, etc.) that might not be used commonly today or not at all. Successful retailers will continue the current migration toward displays reflective of “their brand” and away from generic displays provided by suppliers. The retailer’s brand will be reflected in the materials utilized and overall design. As an example, if the brand’s essence is value, then displays will be based upon function and flexibility. If the brand is inspirational, then displays will be unique, distinctive and more interactive.

  • What do you predict will be the next hottest trend in fixture solutions at retail? Increasingly, the role of a display will be to interrupt the shopper’s mission, create interaction and conversion. LED lighting has proven to increase shopper interaction and increase sales. Beyond LED lighting, the hottest trend will be endless possibilities of an integrated low voltage system. As an example, a low voltage system will enable; LED lighting, video, beacons, sound, smell, and a host of shopper interactive and productivity tools.
Cam Cloeter will be speaking at the upcoming ECRM Merchandising Solutions EPPS on Tuesday, February 7th from 12:40pm -1:15pm.  During this time Cam will discuss the latest trends and uses of LED lighting in the center store to drive incremental sales. During the presentation, you will be able to see many different applications of actual installations.

Larry Ishii

Category Development Manager

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