Driving the New Gold Rush at Retail  11/6/2016

The jewelry industry has evolved dramatically over the past decade as the Internet, social media and mobile have changed the way consumers engage with retailers. It’s a battle for attention. You’re not just competing with other retailers -- you’re competing with the time these consumers spend on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and text messaging. And if you have a brick and mortar store, you’re competing with the likes of Amazon, Blue Nile and Walmart.com, as well.

To drive these consumers back into your stores, first you have to win back their attention and start engaging with them on their own turf, which is increasingly digital. Then, once you get them into the store, you must provide an outstanding experience that truly "surprises and delights" to keep them coming back.

Remember, you're now competing with companies like Farfetch, a luxury fashion company that will not only help shoppers select the right bowtie, but will come to their house and tie it for them, as well. This is the kind of service they are expecting nowadays.

During the ECRM Gold EPPS, to be held February 19 to 21 in San Diego, we’ve assembled a roster of speakers who are leaders in creating such engagement and experiential marketing that can help you make 2017 the year of the New Gold Rush. Here's a quick overview of the customer experience educational sessions we have lined up. Following these sessions, each of the speakers will be hosting roundtable discussions on their topic, during which retailer attendees can roll up their sleeves and learn how to tailor the learnings from each presentation to their individual businesses.

Mapping the Customer Journey
Bill Carmody, CEO of Trepoint and digital marketing expert, Inc. columnist, and regular speaker on the topics of influencer marketing, entrepreneurship, and fast growth, will demonstrate how mapping your customer’s journey can provide your jewelry business a 77% greater return on your marketing efforts and can help you to out maneuver the likes of Blue Nile, Wal-Mart and Amazon. (Click here for more details)

Generational Marketing
Peter Hubbell, CEO of BoomAgers and author of the books
Old Rush, and Getting Better with Age, is the leading voice on generational marketing, and will examine the jewelry market through the lens of generational values. He will speak to marketing’s infatuation with the Millennials and will reveal some sobering facts about the real potential of a generation that has yet to reach its prime earning and spending years and why the boomers are “Marketing’s Most Valuable Generation.” (Click here for more details).

Experiential Selling
Luxury industry branding and marketing experts Andrea Hansen (Luxe Intelligence) and Pam Levine (Levine Luxury Branding) will host a discussion about the transformative power of experiential selling, during which they show you how to define and present an emotionally intelligent retail brand through smart positioning, storytelling and sensory engagement. You’ll learn how to integrate technology into store design, merchandising communications and sales training to create the utmost selling experience designed to engage jewelry consumers and motivate them to buy.

Bill Carmody, CEO, Trepoint
Peter Hubbell, CEO, BoomAgers
Andrea Hansen, CEO, Luxe Intelligence
Pam Levine, CEO, Levine Luxury Branding

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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