Multicultural Consumers Seeking Natural Beauty Products  10/21/2016

As with most other beauty categories, multicultural beauty products are experiencing the trend of natural and organic ingredients as consumers become increasingly conscious of the contents of items they are putting on their skin and hair, according to attendees of ECRM’s Hair Care and Multicultural EPPS.

“Natural and Organic is a growing segment within beauty and was a strong focus at our meetings,” said Lisa Carrillo, SVP of Beauty for ECRM. “The retail buyers are looking to meet the increased consumer demand for products with cleaner ingredients that are sustainably sourced, and suppliers have taken note.”

Indeed, those attendees interviewed said that ingredients such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, seaweed, Argan oil, coconut oil, and Moroccan Oil are being sought out by customers, and were much more prevalent among those products suppliers showcased to buyers during their one-on-one meetings.

Atlanta Based McBride Research Laboratories’ Design Essentials line was developed to improve the look and feel of hair by providing healthy hair styling products that address specific hair needs, and that are engineered to infuse hair with a natural balance of vitamins and protein that promote movement and manageability.

Among the products it’s launching in 2017 are its Almond Avocado collection, which includes a new nourishing Co-Wash enriched with Argan Oil and rosemary, a curling cream, and curl control, which provide taming, de-frizzing and shine for consumers with naturally curly hair, according to Taydra Jackson, VP of Marketing. “We also have a Coconut Monoi collection, which is a deep moisturizing collection, with three items, including a deep moisturizing shampoo, a deep moisturizing balm, and leave-in nourisher.”

Psyche Terry, President and Owner of UI Global Brands, launched her company’s Urban Essential line of products to meet the evolving skin care needs of multicultural women. “I was pregnant a few years ago and my body type and skin type changed, and I decided to start a company that would respond to my ever-changing skin,” she said. “So we came up with a coconut oil infused natural skin care line, called Urban Hydration.”

The line spans several products that are available in many food-based fragrances, including a body wash, bubble bath with pomegranate extracts, vitamin A, E and coconut oil. “Our customers are also foodies and like the food-based fragrances. Our body cream with pomegranate extract is extremely moisturizing because it’s made with coconut oil, beeswax, and vegetable glycerin. Our sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are 99 percent natural -- you can eat them.”

The products contain no parabens, no paraffins, and are priced as an entry level product for natural skin care. The product labels instruct consumers on where they can use the products on their body, and the benefits of each ingredient.

Multicultural Hair care
Also prevalent at the meetings were styling products and accessories aimed at the various styles of multicultural hair. Chicago-based Rocyalox, for example, produces eponymous stylish hair bands developed for various types of curly or straight hair. Each one has open ends that are twisted around the hair, so they won’t catch or hurt like rubber bands, according to owner Charmin Edwards.

“You wrap it around and twist is around the hair,” said Edwards. Until now, there were no products that can work with natural hair, curly hair, and very straight hair without pulling and hurting.”

The bands come in box of 24 featuring a variety of designs of different animals, such as Elsie the elephant, Rosie the Rabbit, and Sky the butterfly. They can be sold individually and in multipacks.

(This article first appeared in the August 2016 issues of MMR Magazine)

A selection of videos from ECRM's 2016 Hair Care & Multicultural EPPS

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VP Content

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