ECRM EPPS Drives Growth for Liquid IV  10/28/2016

Brandin Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of Liquid I.V., a supplier that took the best New Product Award at ECRM's 2016 Vitamin, Diet and Sports Nutrition EPPS this past January for its portable powder hydration drink mix, recently spoke with wellness and lifestyle blogger Jordan Younger (The Balanced Blonde) on her recent podcast about his experience during and after his meetings with retail buyers in Las Vegas.

During the podcast (around 29 minutes in), he discusses how his meetings at the ECRM EPPS led to office visits -- and business -- with companies such as Target, Walgreens and The Vitamin Shoppe, and led to so much interest that he had to bring on a team and raise more money to support the company's growth.

Click here to listen to the podcast (The segment about Brandin's ECRM EPPS experience starts 29 minutes in)

About Jordan Younger
Jordan Younger is the blogger behind the #realness-based wellness and lifestyle blog, The Balanced Blonde. She is also the creator of health-inspired conscious clothing line TBB Apparel, and author of the finding-balance memoir Breaking Vegan. Jordan has emerged as a leading voice in the wellness space due to her authenticity, unique voice, passion for all things wellness, and her relatability.

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