Building Value For Consumers by Creating Brand Meaning  10/14/2016

Consumers are more fickle than ever. Brand loyalty is less certain, especially when people believe the product is a commodity. People are convincing themselves that everything is a commodity and are less willing to believe brands are truly different. The biggest challenge for brands? Reaching them to build meaning for your brand has become a moving target. The key to solving this dilemma? Understanding the reasons behind consumers' resistance to your brand story.

Using findings from research studies on consumer habits in grocery shopping, dining and media, Adam Pierno, Director of Brand Strategy & Planing for Santy identified the root causes of this new consumer attitude, during ECRM's Snack, Beverage & Grocery EPPS. He also also highlighted examples of brands finding new ways to break through to create meaningful connections with their best consumers.

Among the topics he discussed were:

  • How consumers are comparing products on grocery shelves 
  • What drives brand loyalty 
  • How changing media habits are challenging perception 
  • New strategies for consistent reinforcement of your brand meaning
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Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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