An Eye on 2016 Back-To-School Trends  10/11/2016

Learn about exciting back-to-school trends, including the growth of online shopping and shifts in the timing of back-to-school shopping across the U.S., in this video featuring NPD Industry Analyst Leen Nsouli.

Here are some highlights:
  • More and more consumers are shopping online during the back-to-school season.
  • Over this past back-to-school season, more than $90 million have shifted from in-store to online.
  • Consumers are shopping later in the season forcing retailers to readjust how and when they merchandise products.  This directly impacts tax free holidays.

About NPD:
Pens, planners, pencils, pushpins, paper, paint, plus dozens of other things that don’t start with the letter “p.” If it’s sold at an office supply store, we know about it. Companies monitor their competition and examine which brands and products are selling with our point-of-sale (POS) office supplies market research. With detail at the category, brand, item, and product attribute levels, we give manufacturers, retailers, and financial analysts a better read on what’s happening in the market. Our data reflects actual sales reported by all major channels representing 95% of the retail market in the U.S.

Our office supplies market research helps companies make more informed product development and marketing decisions and deliver effective client sales presentations. In addition, we combine NPD’s pervasive retail footprint with Nielsen’s analytics solutions to enable clients to optimize marketing programs, including marketing mix analysis.

For more information, visit NPD's website or contact Leen Nsouli at

Leen Nsouli

Director, Industry Analyst, Office Supplies
The NPD Group

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