WEBCAST: How to Tap Influencer Marketing at Scale  7/6/2016


Being a marketer in 2016 is harder than ever. With 0.04% Click Through Rates on banner ads, $7.2 billion in digital advertising losses due to bot fraud and 56% of paid for digital media that is never seen, what can you do?

Join Bill Carmody, CEO of Trepoint on Thursday, July 14, at 11AM EST, for a free 30-minute webcast during which he will provide an in-depth view on the power of Influencer Marketing at scale. In this session, Bill Carmody will walk through a recent Nielsen Catalina Solutions study that showed how WhiteWave Foods leveraged Influencer Marketing to deliver a 11 times better ROI over the rest of their digital marketing. And now, you can too.

See how for every $1 you spend in Influencer Marketing, you can get $12 in media value. More importantly, WhiteWave delivered $285 in incremental sales for every 1,000 media impressions. See how you can put Influencer Marketing to work for your business and stop wasting your digital media budget. 

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About Bill Carmody
Bill Carmody is CEO of New York-based digital marketing firm Trepoint, and has spoken at several ECRM EPPS meetings on topics ranging from social media, mobile marketing, and influencer marketing. He has written more than 200 columns for Inc, on the subjects of marketing and entrepreneurship.

See Bill's presentation next week at ECRM's Personal Care, Grooming, Travel & Oral EPPS and Sun Care EPPS

See Bill's videos below on mapping the customer journey.

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