Apex-Brasil to Bring 10 Brazilian Suppliers to the International Foods EPPS  7/7/2016

ECRM had the opportunity to sit down with Fernando Spohr of Apex-Brasil to learn more about this Trade Promotion Organization and the benefits of doing business with Brazilian suppliers.

Describe your company and the goals of the services you offer.
Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, promotes Brazilian products and services abroad, attracts foreign direct investment (FDI) to strategic sectors in Brazil’s economy and supports over 12,000 companies in 70 business sectors that export to over 180 countries. 

The Agency encourages companies to be innovative, use design and work sustainably to increase their competitiveness internationally.

What are some advantages of US retailers sourcing from Brazil compared to other countries?
Brazil is a huge consumer market, with manufacturers offering plenty of high quality products that are innovative and competitive in the international market. The country has a big agribusiness sector due to its vast great natural resources and skilled industry. 

Our products, while having their own identity due to the many different cultures that constitute Brazil’s population (Latin, European, African and Asian) have characteristics that appeal from the general consumer to a more adventurous one.

How will doing business with Brazilian companies help to differentiate the retailer in the marketplace?
There is still a lack of more Brazilian products in the marketplace. Retailers carrying these items could attract a more diverse customer base, while also being recognized as trendsetters and known for having unique products not available in other places.

Brazilian companies attending the International Foods EPPS with Apex-Brasil include the following:

Mococa SA Produtos Alimenticios: Mococa is a traditional Brazilian company that has been dedicated to the dairy business since 1919. Today, we distribute our products all around the Brazilian market and in the different countries in Latin America, United States, some Caribbean Islands and Middle East. Committed to provide our customers great quality food and service, our product range consists of the Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk, Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk, UHT Milk, Milk Cream and Chocolate Dairy Drink.

Feinkost Industria e Comercio de Alimentos Ltda: Feinkost was founded in 1990, in São Paulo, Brazil and was one of the leading companies in the healthy food segment in the country. Presently supplying the biggest retailers in the country. Its mission is to develop healthy and tasty products with a lot of quality. It has been exporting its products since 2007 to countries such as Venezuela, Belgium, Curacao, among others. In the last 3 years, Feinkost has shown an average growth of 15% in its annual earnings. Among our aims for the future is the internationalization of our company and our brands.

MasterGate, Inc.: Mastergate is an established food importer in the Southeastern U.S. with expertise in Brazilian Food Products. Our core business is working with Brazilian manufacturers, vendors and importers in helping such companies expand their products to the North America Food Markets. Mastergate works as a representative/ international importer facilitating innovative market development. Our services are focused on best practices in development the best Brazilian products for the North American Market. With this knowledge we became Sysco’s Consultant for Brazilian Food and Beverage. Our process is based on a full understanding of the unique market potential that exists in the North America Food Business and an unconventional approach to product introduction, pricing, positioning, marketing and distribution that is required to tap into this market.

Vapza: Vapza is a food processing company, established in the state of Paraná, south of Brazil, and since 1995, develops and produces "LONG LIFE" steam cooked and shelf stable food products. Our products are all sterilized, vacuum packed and do not require refrigeration. We already have our products for sale at Publix supermarkets in Florida in the US, and have an operation going on with another big retailer for a private label project. Last year we have expanded our factory with new lines of production, so we have plenty of production capacity to attend new projects and look for spread our sales in the US market through new retailers and distributors. We have marketing material, packages, labels, already in English and a full line of products ready to go, with all the FDA approvals. We look forward to meet new potential partners and start long term commercial relationships.

Cambraia Coffees: Roasted and Ground Coffee and whole beans coffee, the brand name is Cambraia Coffees. We have four diferents blends. Rio de Janeiro Blend Dark Roast and Ground. Amazon Forest Blend Blend Medium Roast Ground, Yellow Bourbon Blend Medium Roast Ground and Minas Mountain Blend Espresso Roast Whole Beans. We also have Nespresso capsules in line.  The Family has been growing coffee for more than 100 years, the passion for excellence drives today's fourth generation to create unique coffee blends, growing, roasting, packing and exporting from our farms to your cup. We offer a high quality specialty coffee for a very competitive price.

Villa Café: Villa Café is a 5th generation family business, which started to expand to United States and China in 2014 and grows coffee for over 200 years, in the south of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Also, we have a team to research and develop coffee growers all over the country, so you can have the best coffee directly from the farmers. Based in Florida. No intermediates. Better control of quality. Better costs. New products to different markets is our offer. We know how competitive the coffee business is around the world and that is why we are strongly focused in commercial conditions and innovation for our partners.

Cepera: Cepera is a traditional Brazilian company founded in 1947. It has developed a deep expertise on procedures to purchase raw materials and acquisition of industrial processes that allow its products to have superior quality. Cepera can evaluate orders to produce under private label and with Cepera’s brand in English, planning min quantities between buyer and label’s printer company. Cepera has been exporting its products to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, USA, Angola, Australia, Germany, France, England, Japan, New Zealand, Bolivia, Portugal, Cabo Verde, etc.

DISTILLERIE STOCK DO BRASIL LTDA: The company is in Brazil since 1935 and is a market leader producing beverages (95% of market share with the 29 flavors of liquors, market leader producing the only Brazilian Gin and we also manufacture , vodka, whisky, etc. ). We are present all over the country in the big chains, distributors, restaurants, bars, etc. We complete our line with non-alcoholic syrup, which can be used to prepare alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, to flavor the coffee and in culinary applications. We have capacity of production to supply export business.

Enova Foods: ENOVA FOODS S.A.: is the merger from Casadoce and Agtal with more than 25 years of experience at the food market in Brazil and overseas. We export to Canada, Bahamas, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Grenada, French Guiana and Congo.  The bar of Mixed nuts agtal has the best flavor on the marketing, providing excellent tasting made with whole nuts plus fruits from Brazil. Our powder juice is made with the high quality ingredients and shows the similar taste of the real fruit. It provides you the feeling of drinking a real Fruit Juice.

TRADEX: is focused on meeting people’s basic needs through each of its specialized areas in importing and exporting Food products. We live by our values and are motivated by our passion to deliver high-quality goods and services. We focus on serving those basic human needs that are not met due to structural issues in the supply chain. TRADEX solves these market inefficiencies by acting as a transactional intermediary, connecting geographically disparate buyers and producers, supplying liquidity, knowledge and sourcing. By consolidating business structures so that they are vertically integrated across all parts of the supply chain, TRADEX is able to convert operational businesses into financial businesses. Our activities include Distribuition in Brasil to retail and Food Service, control solutions for supply chain and production, distribution and marketing of food.

Take a look at just some of the items that each company will present during the International Foods EPPS:

Mococa’s Shelf Stable Milk
Feinkost’s Line of Granola Croqui Cereal
MasterGate, Inc.’s Cheese Rolls and Spreadable Cheese
Vapza’s line of Shelf-Stable Vegetables
Cambraia’s line of Brazilian Coffees
Villa Café’s Brazilian Gourmet Coffee
Cepera’s Ketchup
Enova Foods line of Mixed Nuts

Rachel Mayfield

Director of Marketing

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