Impact of Motherhood  3/9/2016

A recent study found that among the almost 2 billion moms worldwide, 50% felt that marketers don’t understand them! Brands can do a better job of reaching these highly influential consumers by empathizing with them, empowering them, and speaking to them in an authentic way. The infographic, Understanding the Emotional Impact of Motherhood, produced by Women's Marketing dives into the complex emotional life of moms so brands can better understand how to relate to them.

(Women's Marketing has even more helpful information about marketing to millennials moms in the following post: Marketing to Millennial Moms - Infographic)

Do you want your brand to make an impact with women? Contact Women's Marketing today to learn how to market to women and how we can offer strategic insight into the many ways that women interact with media throughout their day.

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Andrea Van Dam

Women's Marketing

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