TippingGardner Launches 'Original Tales' Brand Story Website  2/18/2016

New York-based brand consultancy TippingGardner – a regular presenter at ECRM EPPS events -- today announced the launch of OriginalTales.com, a new site that allows brand-builders and entrepreneurs to share their brand backstories.

“Behind every brand you will find countless moments of inspiration, leaps of faith, and challenges overcome,” said Martyn Tipping, CEO of TippingGardner, “Too often these stories are left untold, or are hidden deep in a brand’s website. We created OriginalTales to bring these stories to the forefront, where they can be shared and celebrated and inspire a new generation of brand-builders.”

One of the first brands to share their story on OriginalTales.com is The Pickle Juice Company, the Texas-based manufacturer of 100% natural sports drinks for high-performance athletes. Its backstory traces the inspiration for Pickle Juice back to a football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in September 2000. With temperatures on the field reaching 130 degrees, Eagles trainers credited pickle brine for keeping the players refreshed and free from muscle cramps, and ultimately winning the game.

The Pickle Juice Company’s story was discovered during a meeting with the company during ECRM’s Impulse, Front-End & Checklane EPPS event held this month in Las Vegas, and is supported by photos and a short video by ECRM showcasing its product lineup (see video below). According to Tipping, “the Pickle Juice game is exactly the kind of interesting backstory that we know other brand-builders and entrepreneurs love to read about.”

ECRM supplier companies of all sizes are invited to submit their brand story, supported by either photos or videos, directly on the OriginalTales.com site. For people who may not have time to craft their story, there is also an option to answer a few short questions and have TippingGardner’s copywriters craft their brand story for them. 

For more information, contact Martyn Tipping at (212) 931-9022, ext.203

the Pickle Juice Company was among the first featured on TippingGardner's Original Tales website

Joseph Tarnowski

VP Content

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