Q&A with Chef Sam Morgante, a Former White House Military Chef  2/4/2016

ECRM sat down with Chef Sam Morgante to discuss some of the most recent trends in the foodservice industry like fast casual dining concepts as well as other topics like how the shift from processed ingredients to more natural ingredients will impact the market. Read what Chef Sam has to say.

What flavor trends do you see gaining popularity in 2016? 
Everyone is so busy these days that most people don’t have time to cook a full on dinner anymore. Because of this I see more and more people using fresh foods in simplified recipes. This not only allows people to prepare a quick meal but they are also using healthy ingredients to do so.

What is your take on the chef-driven fast-casual dining concept?
Whether you like it or not, I do not see this trend slowing down anytime soon. The industry must be in sync with this consumer trend when it comes to menu planning. This dining experience is truly the new lifestyle for all generations to absorb.

Natural ingredients/ minimally processed foods are being used more heavily in restaurant settings. How do you think this shift in ingredients will impact the industry?
This shift will have a great impact. People today are scared of processed foods because of the connection to that horrible word CANCER. People are changing their lifestyles to avoid illness and that includes the way that they eat. With this change in diet, the foodservice industry must follow suit and fast.

Have you ever had a recipe disaster?
Yes, I have a recipe disaster each and every day. That is how I keep learning and evolving my craft. Also, having others critique my meals helps me learn a tremendous amount about what I can do better as well as new and innovative ways in which I can change up my dishes.

Describe your favorite dish to prepare.
Hands down, I love to make chili or Tex-Mex based dishes.

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