Optimizing Checkstand Merchandising: Time Inc. Retail  2/14/2016

Time Inc. Retail and several other industry leaders teamed up to study trands in front-end checkout sales, and how to leverage displays and merchandising strategies to boost sales in this area.

Following are some highlights of the study, Optimizing Checkstand Merchandising: Maximizing Shopper Interaction in a New Era of Technology
  • The power categories of Beverages, Magazines & Confectionery generate over 90% of front-end checkout sales
  • Improving C/O Shopper Conversion by 1% nationwide could add over $191M in Revenue Annually ($5,058 per store)
  • Merchandising the Power Categories on every lane is critical
  • Shoppers spend more time looking at the Customer Left Arm & ROS top tiers when approaching checkout; Power Categories must be available in these areas
  • Secondary displays detract significantly from primary end-cap displays
  • Most C/O categories are not growing in step with historical growth rates; ensure that quality and space of space is allocated for those categories/items with the highest sales potential
  • Focus should also be provided on those categories that get a higher percentage of their total store sales from the front-end checkouts; those categories are primarily Magazines & Gum

For additional resources, visit the Front-End Focus website.

For information about next year's Fixture Review - Checklane/P.O.P Merchandising EPPS event, contact Sarah Davidson, SVP of Grocery at 440-542-3033

Time Inc. Retail's Bill Romollino provides an overview of the study at ECRM's Fixture Review event

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